Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Oil Painting Show by Aryaa Chanchani

As I walked in the room, the first oil painting that caught my eye was a portrait of a woman in a sari. She stood with a graceful posture, holding a vase-like object in one hand while pinching the ends of her sari, which was draped over her head, with the other. When admiring her grace, I could not help but feel as though I had seen the woman somewhere. Her eyes seemed to form a connection with anyone who looked into them. Several times, I found myself unable to focus on anything but the woman’s face, which stood out from the rest of the painting.  Her lower body seemed to dissolve in the golden background, making her out to be thought of as a celestial being rather than an ordinary woman. 
The level of detail I had absorbed from just the first painting I saw had already left a mesmerized impression on me. I walked around the room, and as I stood in front of each of the portrait paintings,I could not help but notice the eyes. Painting eyes to evoke a sense of emotion from viewers truly takes an accomplished and experienced artist, and one who has devoted much patience and dedication to the anatomy of each work. 
It was not only the portrait paintings of the art show that caught my attention, but the quick ink sketches done on paper. Each one represented the blur of a moment, as if the artist had stopped all of time for a few moments to complete a drawing. The simple sketches of the trees and pathways served to convey the peacefulness of simple day-to-day sceneries we tend to overlook in the hassle of the modern world. 
The extraordinary artist of all these works, Lakshmi Shankarreddy, made sure that the people who came to view her works understood the details of each of the paintings, including her meticulous use of the impasto technique on several oil paintings on display.  She warmly asked everyone for their opinions on the paintings and sketches, including her students. This made even those who were not art critics feel as though their critiques mattered, and it was enjoyable to see her students actively engage in an educational conversation with their teacher. As a student of hers myself, I felt a new wave of inspiration wash over me. Each painting took months to do, and the detailing Ms. Lakshmi incorporated was, in my eyes, adding to the perfection of the work overall. It convinced me that I too have to concentrate on each aspect of an artwork with a lot of patience, something which I previously struggled to do. In addition, as Ms. Lakshmi explained that each ink sketch only took her a few minutes to complete, I realized that dedicating more time to my art education would only benefit me in the future. Doing similar sketches for a few minutes each day i needed to improve my skills. 
This art show was an incredible experience for not only me, but the rest of the attendees and students. Each piece, whether it be an elaborate oil painting or a simple ink sketch, has its own individuality. Art is a form of expression that allows people to tell a story, displaying meaning behind each work. This is emphasized in all of Ms. Lakshmi's works, as she paints and draws to cultivate a feeling of enjoyment and connection to the outside world. Besides portraying advanced art talent, this showcase served to motivate me to continue to pursue my passion for art.
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